Monday, September 17, 2007

Grading My Picks for the Emmys

Back in that long ago age of July when the Emmy nominations first came out I made a list of who I thought should, or at least I wanted to win. In the couple of categories I cared about . I didn't watch the ceremony last night because being on the West Coast and having it tape delayed is a little annoying and archaic, especially when you can go online before the broadcast and see who already won (that really can't help the ratings.) I assume She-Who-Will-Soon-Lose-Custody didn't appear because I'm sure I would have immediately heard all about that. But here's what I thought would happen and here's what did:

Variety Music or Comedy Series: I though Colbert Report would win. No, of course it was the Daily Show. 0 for 1

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: I hoped that Jenna (Pam) Fishcer would win but though Vanessa Williams would win as a part of the Ugly Betty Avalanche. No, Jamie Pressly won. She's good and all but.... Vanessa is so conniving and bitchy and fabulous and I heart Pam. Let's move on. 0 for 2

Supporting Actress in a Dram Series: I picked Sandra Oh in a toss up with Katherine Heigl for no real reason but I knew Katherine would win. I count that as a point. 1/3

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: I at first thought Shatner would win but then I found out Masi Oka went to my high school so he become my pick and my hope. Of course not. Crushed by LOST which I don't watch and won't bad mouth (in the hopes that the LOST fans won't excoriate me.) I am disappointed though. 1/4

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: I couldn't decide and refused to choose between Rainn Wilson, NPH and Piven so in a way I was right. I count that. 2/5

Actor in a Comedy Series: I thought Alec Baldwin would win and I wanted him to as well. If not him I at least thought it would be Carell. Wrong and Wrong. Ricky Gervais won, which will the show is pretty funny is not his best and seriously Baldwin as Jack is so so so good. I'm shocked, disappointed and a little peeved (and not just because I was wrong) 2/6

Actress in a Comedy Series: God Bless America. 3/7 (and p.s. she should win just for how "ugly" they make her. She is gorgeous!)

Actor in a Drama Series: No no no. I thought that any thinking person would recognize how beyond amazing Hugh Laurie is on that show and especially in that role. But last night made me remember that Emmy voters aren't thinking people. James Spader he's alright but... Rather upset. 3/8

Actress in a Drama Series: I kind of wanted Patricia Arquette to win because seeing her wasted and with green eyeshadow made me feel a bond but I thought Kyra Sedgwick would actually win, because it is such a good show and he's great in it and without her there is no show but it was Sally Field coming out of nowhere which upset me at the time ( I thought if it wasn't any of my choices it would go to Edie) but the fact she was censored for an anti-war speech makes me happy and tempted to sat "you go girl" (though I never would). Gidget grown up. Well done. Three for Nine

Best Comedy Series: As I said earlier I thought there would be an Ugly Betty sweep and I so I believed Ugly Betty would win though I hoped and wanted 30 Rock to pull it out. I'm quite happy now. 4 for 10.

Best Drama Series: I'm a House fan so I thought/hoped it could find a way but I recognized the phenomenon that is the Sopranos and understood that it would be sent off into the sunset on a horse instead of with a limp. I was right. R.I.P. Tony.

Final score 5 out of 10. I guess I'm okay with that score. I mean s Two and a Half men didn't win anything big so I can't be too angry.

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