Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There Are No Gay People in The World of Islam

and by no gay people I mean everyone in Islamic Countries seems at least a little gay.
As I'm sure you've heard Mahmoud at Columbia yesterday asserted that he can't oppress homosexuals because there are none in Iran. Interesting.
Radar however has some rather convincing evidence to the contrary including the documentary Out in Iran which is actually incredibly interesting.
Even the layout of the country, in relation to the Strait of Hormuz seems to imply Iran is the "passive partner" in boi-on-boi fun time. And who knew Tehran is the sex change capital of the world? Here I was thinking about moving and working in Brazil, or just going to Thailand or Trinidad, Colorado. Silly Silly me. Oh well; the more you know.
Maybe such effeminate behaviors and appearances are common in Persia This slideshow from Slate V of Thomas Dworzak showing secret Taliban photographs shows that many of these Holy Warriors may be better than I am at make-up

But to be honest maybe they can't help I mean have you seen the Prophet Mohammed? Sooooo gay. In every one of these images he's literally "flaming" even when he's giving away his daughter Fatima to Ali

seriously do you notice where Ali's hand is in this picture?

(but no I'm not necessarily suggesting the prophet Mohammed was gay. Maybe bi.)
In all serious I thought this was very good stuff to learn about Iran and that maybe I could work there- I do love my queer kids.

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