Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feels Like One Of Those Days

where nothing really is going one. I'm not saying today is going to keep being so slow but as Best Week Ever points out this is the lead story on CNN.com

(l.a.'s is the worst in case you were wondering)
At least it's not as bad (yet) as last Thursday when, as Defamer noted, TMZ had this urgent and important news

It's such a slow day that I found these ratings for Gweeb's speech from last week and found them interesting and that you would actually care. On every cable news channel besided MSNBC the Democratic Response had higher ratings than the actual address. Even on Fox News! That's remarkable and seems so telling that even conservatives weren't interested in hearing Gweeb say the same ol', same ol'.

I kind of hope today keeps being so slow because it's kind of cold and my internet has been very not reliable. Though if that turns out to be the case I probably shouldn't have "wasted" all these nuggets in one post.
Anyway it seems that America is filled with morons, as TMZ found out on September 11th.

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