Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Hope I Didn't Give Away the Ending

no actually i don't care.
I would feel kind of guilty about this if I suspected that any of my readers actually play Halo (and if any of you do play Halo please don't play the video below) but since I don't.. what the hey? I never got into Halo though freshmen year though all the guys on my floor were obsessed with Halo 2 so in order to ever see them I'd watch them play to hear the trash talk and the passion; it seemed fun, just not my kind.
Halo 3 comes out I think today and its makers are expecting it to make more in its first day than Spiderman 3 did in its opening few days, which is a mind blowing expectation. I don't know the exact story of this one though I imagine it's rather similar to the previous ones "humans fighting aliens to stave off annihilation" or something similar and so with all of that said here's leaked ending of Halo 3 the most highly. anticipated. game.ever. yada.yada. Watch it so you can torment your gamer friends, I guess. Though they may have gotten it at midnight and are already chest deep. Whatevs:

Wait, that was it? I guess I lack the emotional connection to it. whatever ::yawns:: wake me up for the movie or at least for GTA IV.

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