Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Chris Crocker Show

It's his world- we're just swimming around in the wreckage of it.

(and yes I think I can finally admit I'm a little obsessed with the kid- I can't help it)

TMZ has reported that a production company has signed Chris Crocker to a deal to develop a reality show around his life in that small southern town (apparently it's in Tennessee) I don't know how I feel about this just because I'm not sure if people will be able to put up with him for half an hour at a time but also in that Stranger article "Escape From Real Bitch Island" it states the double edged sword that such a show could bring

"One of the ideas that Meehan, the producer, has is to get the permission of Chris's grandparents to shoot a reality show in their house. The irony of this actually happening, of course, would be that Chris makes it onto television but doesn't get to leave Real Bitch Island. He's worried about this, worried that his appeal is contingent on the way he clashes with his current location, and on the "comedy gold mine" that is his family. But if a reality TV show were to happen, he told me, he'd happily do a year of Real Bitch Island reality and then try to parlay it—finally—into a ticket off."

Well if it does finally get him out of that town good for him. I just don't know if, as Defamer points out, the reality tv company 44 Blue, developers of such groundbreaking and rating giants as Assume the Position, Mega Movers, Los Ninos en Su Casa or The Christopher Lowell Show (hmm I actually have heard of a lot of those-though I don't think I've watched, or enjoyed) can actually make it compelling, or if anyone will actually be able to see it, or if it will be on one of those purely "reality tv" channels. Because unlike their other shows I don't see this fitting in on TLC, A&E or the History Channel.
But either way Chris I wish you good luck, and if worse comes to worse I really like that picture above-you still make a pretty girl, and are definitely prettier than Oscar de la Hoya

(viax-17 Online, through Deadspin)
Or maybe that should be Oscar de la Ho. (zing!)
Yeah I'm sure he won't be seeing these pictures again if he keeps on boxing... [UPDATE: and yeah the pictures are fake, though it was fun while it lasted.]

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