Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

It's Friday night and I'm undecided about going out, particularly because I have to go up north this weekend and handle some business, but even that indecision won't stop me from enjoying myself. And this song by this band is an amazing fun and energetic song, perfect for dancing around; but what else would you expect from Los Campesinos! a band with an exclamation point in it's name? It's definitely not music for moping. The song You! Me! Dancing is so fun it should be illegal. I dig it as well because I'm pretty sure I can't dance a single step either, though that rarely stops me nowadays.

You! Me! Dancing!
The beats, yeah, they were coming out the speakers
and were winding up straight in your sneakers.
And I'm dancing like every song who spends his bizzle
like all my dance heroes would if they existed.

And yeah it's sad that you think that we're all just scenesters
(and even if we were it's not the scene you're thinking of)
to taking props from nineties boy band fashions
all crop tops and testosterone passion.

If there's one thing I could never confess,
it's that I can't dance a single step.

It's you!
It's me!
And there's dancing!

Not sure if you mind if I dance with you,
but I don't think right now that you care about anything at all.
And oh, if only there were clothes on the floor,
I'd feel for certain I was bedroom dancing.

And it's all flailing limbs at the front line.
Every single one of us is twisted by design
and dispatches from the back of my mind
say as long as we're here everything is alright.

If there's one thing that I could never confess,
it's that I can't dance a single step.

It's you!
It's me!
And there's dancing!

Your Stuck in My Head Song of the Day- You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos! and no, I have no clue what's going on in this video either but who really cares? the song is so catchy

Los Campesinos!- You!Me!Dancing! (mp3)

Ahh that song makes me really happy- perfect for a Friday night
Anywhoo I'm off-have an amazing weekend everyone :)

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