Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stuff About Sports I Don't Understand And Other Randomness

I turned over to Dancing With the Stars last night in time to see Floyd Mayweather Jr getting his score and that got me thinking- is that wise? Or is he just incredibly overconfident? I mean he has a fight coming up I think in December against Ricky Hatton who I kind of like (he reminds me of a bulldog) and is definitely legit. Shouldn't Floyd be starting training instead of dancing on reality shows? I mean I'm not sure how long boxers usually train but the montages in Rocky made it seem like he was training at least 3 months in advice. He'll probably win Dancing with the Stars because boxers have amazing footwork but I kind of think when it actually counts..well,... go Ricky.

Wtf is Mike Vick doing to his life and career? Seriously testing positive for smoking pot while you're awaiting sentencing doesn't seem like the smartest thing. I mean no one would have cared if he got blitzed drinking, but the guy obviously is screwed. Michael Vick self destructing faster than the Mission Impossible message.

Seems kind of strange to switch your starting goalie who hasn't given up a goal in almost 4 games at this point in the World Cup. How old is Brianna Scurry, seriously? She was the goalie on the '99 team. Doesn't advanced age affect level of play? Shouldn't you stick with the young athletic one who's gotten your team this far? I mean she is a Jedi (or she has to be. Hope Solo? totally Han Solo's kid. And the coolest name ever)

I don't understand college football scheduling. Michigan, four games into the season is finally going on the road after playing 4 straight home games. All total they'll play 8 games out of a 12 game regular season at home. How does that work out? Shouldn't they just try to have half home and half away games each year so like next year they won't have to be the road team 8 times,which I assume will happen in the interest of balance, right? I mean with such a home schedule and the intimidating home field advantage that is Wallace Wade stadium, Duke would definitely win the ACC. But even without it, according to SI's full college rankings we own Carolina. Duke's the 87th best team, while Carolina is ranked 97th. (I take small victories during football season)

It doesn't really matter though because Duke is going downhill. The new admission policy for games is seeming like a lottery system which defeats the whole purpose and beauty of K-Ville which is the most amazing place at Duke and probably anywhere. Duke as a school doesn't have all the traditions of other more staid schools and K-Ville and tenting and waiting in line for days was one and a tremendous one at that, founded by drunk guys playing quarters. I won't rant anymore about it because only a few of you would understand, it would be too emotional and long (and I don't want to be accused again of not being able to let go of college) but it is a sad day and the Cameron Crazies, who have been for years (my time as well) living off the reputation forged by those who preceded us in the 80s, if they accept this pseudo lottery, that name, that Crazy should be buried. That is all. ::tear:: Dear Ol' Duke.

And finally you remember how I picked the NFL season and the Super Bowl winner a few weeks back? Yeah just keep that in mind whenever I ask you to trust me or I predict something; My teams the Bengals and Saints are like a combined 1-5

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