Monday, September 24, 2007

Can Chris Crocker Please Go Away Now?

How long ago was the Britney VMA performance and his subsequent rant/appeal? It really seems like months ago, months that have been filled, everywhere one looks with Chris Crocker, on cable news channels, on gossip websites, on videos watched now on You Tube, everywhere in everything. It's "Chris Crocker" overkill, at least to me.
Have we reached the Chris Crocker saturation point yet? My limit is perhaps less than others (and that was reached awhile ago) and maybe it's like when a really indie band you love gets popular you kind of resent the secret being out, but I don't think that's the case. TMZ has video of him looking like a low-rent Edie Sedgwick, playing celebrity on the first trip to the city from the sticks. And now that Chris is so notorious that appeal of being a trapped lil queer ranting and acting as an escape, if he still continues it, will be false and inauthentic stripping away the very appeal of how he was. The question is can he do something else to parlay his appeal past "what are your thoughts on Britney?" (and has there been a chris crocker backlash or has that been hushed by fears that people may be accused of being homo (or trans) phobic? or maybe I'm the only one that feels this way) I don't hate the kid- I just wish he would go away and do something- maybe go to school, for when 6 months from now you're back in Tennessee (twink appeal doesn't last long)

The only thing that gives me comfort is that somewhere a clock is ticking (what minute are we on? 13?)and who, after all, speaks much today of Cory Kennedy or flavors of months past?

(you're still pretty though and your hair looks better- if that makes you feel better)

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