Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Super Manly, Totally Hetero Post

because seriously what could be more manly than Lauren Bacall playing a Broadway Diva breaking out into a musical number at a gay bar in Greenwich Village? In the 70s!
Imagine the possibilities but imagine no more- it is absolutely fabulous , so fabulous that I'm shocked I didn't see rainbows shooting across the sky. Ah, it makes me really happy. It's from the musical Applause- Lauren Bacall (dancing with the village bois) and singing But Alive
"Eve- we are going to Greenwich Village!!!"

i would have to say that qualifies the shit out of camp- luv it!!!
I guess this is what they call pride


(speaking of pride: Harvey Levin is gay- who knew? my gaydar is pathetic)

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1 comment:

Santa Fe Jack said...

I was delighted to find out Harvey is gay (although he has a boyfriend) because I've always thought he was cute as hell. And never moreso than he looks on! Well, if he's ever single, I'm going after him. Cute and SMART, too!