Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Candidate Jumps Into The Race

Newt Gingrich according to Radar Magazine's "sources" is preparing to enter the race for the Presidency and is planning to begin his campaign full tilt around Halloween aka the campaign to be the Republican Nominee who will lose next November. Newt's In and (soon to be) running hard to be president- I can't contain my enthusiasm.

Radar has learned from one insider familiar with the former speaker's schedule that Gingrich is canceling corporate gigs left and right to get in line with campaign finance rules. Another Gingrich insider echoes this sentiment, and sources hint that after Halloween, Newt will go into full-time campaign mode. When people call to book Gingrich for events, says an insider, "We're telling them 'We can only confidently book Newt until November 1st.'"

Of course this is all speculation and unnamed sources at this point but it is still fun to look ahead. Clinton vs. Gingrich- it'll be just like the 90s all over again! And just as the Republicans like to say they hope Hillary will be the nominee because she engenders such strong emotions and she will "help mobilize their base," Newt is the one Republican that I feel the Democrats and other liberals actually..."strongly dislike."
Plus it will be so much fun to see how he tries to spin or explain away the skeletons in his closet.

SO in the words of St. John (Mclane) Welcome to the Party, pal.

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