Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekend Bonus! More Random Dreams with Inappropriate People

Today I think I've really crossed some sort of gender divide- spending a fall weekend watching an Ugly Betty marathon instead of football? I don't think I would have done this, this time last year.

Anyway, in an attempt to not have the readership of this blog drop so dramatically on the weekends, and because I felt the urge, I decided to do a few posts where I write things that wouldn't fit into my weekday schedule, or things I've been slacking off on doing. Weekends will be like Special Features.

LAst night was an incredibly weird night, I'm not sure if it was something I drank before I went to bed, me passing out so early or maybe it was the rain outside, but my dreams were incredibly vivid and confusing and awkward and sooo of course I thought I'd write what I can remember about them here. I took notes early to help me along (and yes once again I am a dork)

Dee, who I had another random and completely inappropriate dream about, and I were on set watching some thing being filmed. She put her arm around me and said something like "i'm so happy you're here- your my best friend" I remember she was wearing the same pigtails, and heavy black eyeliner that she had in her facebook picture. I told herI wasn't her best friend just a good friend. It was really just a comfortable feeling moment and then I don't know how it happened but we started hooking up on a carpet on set, while production of I think like an SNL type show was still going on. It was really awkward and fumbly (I think she was the top though I don't think that would be possible; even in my dreams I don't understand the mechanics or dynamics of MTF tranny on tranny sex. Kind of like those couple of times in real life) and messy and very wet. We stopped because one of the bars in my braces had broken, though I haven't worn braces in like 8 years, and Dee looked really upset and dissappointed and shied away from looking at me and I felt really ashamed for letting her down. I then left down a set of stairs that you see like in office buildings. Later on I was at a grocery store, one of those grocery stores where the produce and bread sections have nice wooden floors and better lighting and some guy, that I felt I knew, came up and called me a bitch. I asked him why and he said he saw me when I was running away on the stairs but I ignored him. I tried to apologize profusely and explain to him that I didn't not want to see him and I wouldn't have just ignored him but that as I was on the stairs "Arnett" was called (I don't remember if someone called out to me Arnett or if Arnett called me) and I was invited to like a party.

At was at this point that I guessed I was coming out of deep sleep because I could hear my neighbors being really loud which kept me awake as I was trying to desperately go back to sleep and get back into that dream so I could make it up to Dee. It didn't work. As I fell back asleep...

It was a wooden staircase of very rich and dark wood and underneath it was a little cubby hole. On the underside of the staircase was a little door. As you opened the door you found yourself floating in a blue sky with trees and meadows beneath you. floating as if you were being carried by balloons. Like you were falling into this hole and you fell into the sky. But I couldn't land like everyone else could so easily and I was trying and they ( I guess the people I had seen land earlier) were in my voice trying to tell me to land and I just couldn't do it.

The next scene I was on a sidewalk in the downtown of some major city with a lot of skyscrapers and buildings with glass fronts, where there was in the street corner, instead of a street light, a rather large stationary camera and as I was running down the street the camera rotated its gaze and followed me everywhere I went and with it's dark center it looked like an eye and was really creepy.

The next thing I remember is playing football in like a backyard, but it was kind of a junkyard because there were a couple of old cars, and I think I was playing (or maybe just watching) this game and I think the players were all pros because I remember Asante Samuels being involved. Anyway at some point a ball went into a black window of one of the cars but everyone was scared to go in and get it because there was a really big dog, but the dog came out and started chasing people around but then it morphed into a big scary looking guy who felt really sleazy and I tried to avoid him as much as I could.

At that point I don't remember anything more.

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