Monday, September 17, 2007

And from the "No Shit" Files: There Are Bad People Among Us

  • And doesn't that just look like the face of a man who would kill people and store their bodies in a barrel? But as seems to be the case in many of these type of stories Jerry Pelfree seemed normal: Gerald Messell, who lives nearby[said] " He (Pelfree) seemed normal to me. (He would go) in and out and wave." "I was shocked. I know the guy they have arrested," said neighbor Shannon Goldman. "He's even stopped here a couple of times." Bloomington- isn't that where IU is?
  • This story is just sick. John David Atchison an assistant US Attorney was arrested in a sting after flying from Florida to Detroit to have sex with a 5 year old. And the sickest part is when asked how he could be certain that he wouldn't cause any injuries he replied "Just gotta go slow and very easy. I've done it plenty." He is, or was the president of a youth athletics league and his wife is a science teacher. Sick. There is a special place in hell reserved for him and his kind. And I don't believe in the death penalty but if he were to be put into the general population and somehting were to happen I would fight on behalf of his attackers. (and on a totally inappropriate political note- how wasn't he one of the fired US attorneys?
  • Alan Greenspan has come out and said what, at least some of us, have been saying since 2002, the war in Iraq was about oil. Nice to see you taking a principled stand after you leave office. Of course you know who I blame for his obvious and triumphant self interest rising above morality? Ayn Rand, who Greenspan was enamored of and was in her own right a bad person, even without considering the b.s. that is Objectivism. On a side note how weird is it that he's married to Andrea Mitchell? Just seems really really strange (and that is one couple I definitely don't want to see on Tell Me You Love Me)
  • According to Vincente (awesome name) Fox's new biography he called Gweeb stubborn and "the cockiest guy [he] ever met in [his] life" going on to call Gweeb's spanish "grade school level" and admitting he never pictured him making it into the White House. Of course he said all that in Spanish, I would assume. This ties in with the theme because George Bush is a bad person, but you knew that already.

oh and Freddie Thompson doesn't care about black people. I'm not surprised. Oh well, at least Mitt Romney loves the gays.

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