Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well That was Frustrating

As you may have been able to tell I plan very little on this site. Such was the case with my las post and the "flowers" link- I had never actually seen that video or heard of the band until about an hour ago. But upon hearing it I thought the song reminded me of some song that I was positive I had on my computer. Of course I didn't actually know what song or the artist- all I knew was that it had a female vocal with the line "Of course you do" sung very melodically in maybe an indie or dream pop type song. But having spent the last full hour going through my library and thinking of every song that has a female band member, which was kind of surprising because usually I'm able to remember or at least kind of guess in the right area. But no matter. The song that sparked this quixotic quest is Flowers by Emilie Simon and I don't know if it's a solo artist or a band or anything about them besides the fact that I like this video ( it has a NightMare Before Christmas feel) and the song is the cutest little romantic song and I fell in love with it right away

Ok hopefully now I can maybe move on a little without (pulling my hair out and feeling like a failure because of),worrying over that mystery song
(but if you happen to know or have a guess about a song that kind of sounds like this one with that line "Of Course You Do," please let me know- I'll love you forever)

[UPDATE: Total Murphy's Law incident. 5 minutes after posting this I remembered: It's Ladytron's Jet Age (mp3) you can hear the kind of melodic haunting quality, yes? I feel sooo much better now :)]

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