Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

This is another one of those songs where a certain part is stuck in my head and leads me to a mistaken interpretation. Like today with Neko Case's Deep Red Bells- I had the lines
It looks a lot like engine oil and tastes like being poor and small
And Popsicles in the summer

Deep red bells, deep as i’ve been done
Deep red bells, deep as i’ve been done

circulating in my head. It seemed kind of happy or sort of beautiful in its way, though the music really is what made it stick in my head. Of course the rest of the song is not nearly close to being happy as I for some reason believed. Maybe it was the image of a Popsicle in the summer; I don't know. It is a really haunting and beautiful song, its origins not (necessarily) withstanding
I read somewhere that Neko wrote this song about her feelings as a young woman growing up in the are around the time of the Green River murders and how it affected her. And isn't that a pleasant thought to leave you with?
Anyway this is Deep Red Bells by Neko Case; your stuck in my head song of the day

Neko Case- Deep Red Bells (mp3) buy Blacklisted

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