Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun Facts from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a site that kind of tracks visitors how they come to the site where they're from, even what type of browser they use and more. I've become rather obsessed with it recently just because it is really informative and sort of fun to find where you may be visiting this site from. For instance I am read (and obviously loved) on every continent. Except Antartica. Lazy fuckin' penguins. Anyway here are some other fun things I've learned which could be of interest, and if not, meh.

Top 5 visited pages (besides the main page)
1. This Feels Very Wrong (the Megan Richter post, which led a tonne of people here, surprisingly)
2: Celebrity Showdown: Elizabeth Banks vs. Rachel McAdams (which was actually a huge leader before the Megan Richter story)
3. An Example or Two Why Hollywood is Doomed (somebody didn't like my take on the fake K-Ville.
4. Note to ATP Tour Players: Shane Stant is Probably Available ( I should thank This Recording for a lot of that)
5 (tied): Duke Football: You Heard it Hear First (I'm sure this has been used mostly for mockery. I must say I deserve it. And wow I can't believe I mispelled "here" fuck. Is it unethical to change it now?)
Things that are too cool/trendy for me (from 9/5)
and Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.

Top 5 Cities by Visitors:
1. Irvine. (i don't know either but I'm big in Irvine>)
2. L.A.
3.(not set) (whatever that means)
4.New York
5. Chicago (what can I say? I'm a big city girl)

Top 5 Countries (besides America)
2. U.K.
3. Germany
5. Brazil

Top 5 Keywords:
1. megan richter (by an 8 to 1 margin, wow)
2.megan richter missing
3 (tie). " a dream or a song"
"human giant"
colt brennan
duke tailgate
stuck in my head song of the day.

So thats that and I should probably write more about what people wanna read but really, where's the fun in that?
(and FreeDarko has sent me some traffic but I have no idea why or what they might have linked to, but if you know let me know. K Thanks.)

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