Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun with WebMD

Over the past few days because this damn headache (strange throbbing in my right eye and thereabouts) would not go away I decided to go onto WebMD to indulge my hypochondriac side. And self diagnosis allows me that fun (I try not to go to he doctor anymore than I have to especially because I think I have a fear that if a doctor were to diagnose something it would be official and final, whereas this way I can freak out, moan and wail for my life without actual reason to fear for my life, yada yada.) All with FDR's last words in mind. I went on Symptom Checker and, as always seems to be the case I was stumped on the very first question: Sex.

it's really tricky nowadays!
Anyway after I chose what I felt and put in my symptoms I decided I probably had cluster headaches (or possibly glaucoma.) But what really amused me about the symptom checker is that with the same symptom, a throbbing pain on one side of your head that lasts for hours you can either have a brain aneurysm.... or sunburn. If you crave alcohol that is a sign of cocaine abuse (and all this time I thought it meant I was an alcoholic), or my personal favorite- if you fear air that is a symptom of rabies.
There were a ton of other random ones as well but after a bit I stopped looking- I did (and still do) have that damn headache-it's awesome! (ugh- maybe i should actually get this checked out)

and speaking of problems in the head has a rather interesting article hypothesizing that the reason OJ may be OJ (and his erratic behavior) is because of blows to the heads he may have received back when he was just a football player and not a criminal mastermind. I think there may be some connection, considering how people have only recently begun to understood what damage such trauma can do, but.... it took him until 1994, like 15 years after he stopped playing to start exhibiting this psychosis and then another 10 years before he starts robbing people (y'know, if he did it) Of course I'm no expert but maybe soon WebMd will tell me what homicidal behavior is a symptom of.
Oh yeah; Free OJ, blah blah.

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