Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wow. Not Funny

I subscribe to the Onion News Network as a podcast and I'm usually excited when I get a new one. On days like today however I wonder why. From the minds at the ONN

Domestic Abuse No Longer A Problem, Say Bruised Female Researchers

I didn't laugh at all, though I guess it's difficult to laugh with your mouth open in shock. Once again when did the Onion get so (offensive/disturbing) edgy? It's so short that it seems that maybe even the Onion editors knew that the subject wasn't really funny and if there was a joke that it was a one note bit. It's kind of like the whole Megan Richter thing were it seems like the editors are a bit misogynistic (first rape now domestic abuse.) Do any women work at the ONN? Maybe they're just (harder to offend) funnier(?) than me. I'm sure you can read it on a different level that they're pointing out the disturbing trend of women who are obviously being abused to be ashamed and blame themselves and excuse their abusers (for fear of further or greater violence) and thus allow them to continue the abuse but, sorry to seem so aghast but it's not funny. I'm sure we all know, suspect have heard stories or have the statistics indicating the prevalence of such violence, underreported as it is.
Just seems like far too serious a subject. (though I may have laughed at that one American Dad scene, I don't remember)

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