Friday, September 21, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song(s) of the Day

Today was one of those days when I had a couple of songs in my head and so I cou;dn't decide and didn't think it would be fair to just pick one- because honestly there is always the chance I would never put the other into this spot. I had Shores of California by the Dresden Dolls and Scream for More by Kate Ryan basically alternating in my head all day, one song about screaming for more (I'll assume in the throes of passion) and the other referencing masturbation in the midwest ( a strange medley I know.)

Ah this video reminds me of a summer wasted and makes me kind of sad but I don't care. I love Amanda Palmer, I love the Dresden Dolls and I love this, the video for (one of) Your Stuck in My Head Song(s) of the Day- Shores of California

The Dresden Dolls- Shores of California (mp3)

And I would love to go out tonight to go out and try to get someone to dance (just like any girl would really want) but it's gray and rainy and I don't feel up to it, so I'll probably just have a dance party where I am. It most likely won't be anything like Chris Crocker (or someone who looks exactly like him) dancing to Akon in his underwear, but Your (other) Stuck in My Head Song of the day "Scream for More" by Kate Ryan will figure prominently

Kate Ryan- Scream for More (mp3)

Don't hide your feelings, let's go dreaming
Have no fear 'cause my heart will scream for more

Done and done.
As for y'all? Have a good weekend everyone (oh and be sure to look around the site- there are minutes [minutes!] of entertainment in the last 450+ post)

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