Monday, September 24, 2007

Activism Through Prime Time TV...and Grunge Music

I wasn't planning on writing this (and no it's nowhere near as "deep" as that title may have suggested) but then I read this post and it reminded/inspired me. It was about last night's long awaited Cold Case episode that featured the music of Nirvana. I didn't watch it too closely because I didn't really care that much (and maybe I have too many of my own memories and emotions tied up in those songs to see them used like that) but anyway the case, where a couple of kids were bludgeoned to death and it was blamed on goth/disaffected outsider kids really reminded me of the West Memphis Three/Paradise Lost murder case, even down to the conclusion where it was found that the Dad (or step-dad) was the one who (may have) actually did it. (and if I got the plot of Cold Case all wrong, please be gentle- i was more catching up on Desperate Housewives)

And while we're in the business of trying to free wrongly accused kids can there please be, at least another look into the West Memphis Three case? Can we I know it was a pretty trendy or cause célèbre a few years back and when the documentary came out (and still is in the InterTubes) but these guys have spent like 14 years in prison, Damien has spent those years with the prospect of death hanging and I just feel that in any death penalty case (if we have to have the death penalty for some archaic Old Testament vengnance or deterrent argument) shouldn't we at least be totally positive that the people the State kills actually be guilty? People talk a lot about life and death but in such cases life is literally hanging in the balance and we can't go destroying it on flimsy evidence or prejudice.

ok that's all.
(and p.s. judging from those pictures of Frances Bean I'd say she's going through a goth phase- which was probably to be expected when your dad was a suicide and your mom is Courtney Love)

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