Friday, September 21, 2007

Liquid Fantasies: Things that are too cool/trendy for me

Yeah I know, these titles sound like a cosmetic or perfume line. Anyway here were just a few links that I couldn't find a place for in my other (Material Lust/Ephemeral Desires) trend watch posts. But I think this works better because it is friday

  • Who knew Bill Gates was a vinter? MicroSoft has created a wine, Blue Monster Reserve, that is only available to Microsoft employees and their families. Now I'm not a big fan of Microsoft but I love wine and would love to sample it, especially before the hackers infect it with a few nasty viruses. I'm sure some lowly employee has to have put a bottle on ebay. I'm curious enough to check (just not right now.)
  • VeeV Spirit is, according to Trendhunter, a "60-proof white spirit that contains the antioxidant fruit, Acai from Brazil. The taste is slightly sweeter than vodka and, they claim, won’t leave you hung over. The company donates $1 from each bottle sold to green initiatives such as the Rain-forest Action Network and Sambazon’s Sustainable Acai Project" and apparently the stars are loving it. Good cause? no hangover? booze? celebrity endorsement? I am so in. (and I'm digging the chill vibe of the music on its website)
  • Enjoy the "bubbly" but the (relatively) low alcohol content of champagne get you down and leaves you feeling sober? Well Vodka O2 (i think that's the name) has created the "world's first" sparkling vodka. Now that sounds fun and would add a fun twist to a lot of cocktails.
  • Speaking of fun has created not a beer belly, but a beer bra, officially named the Wine Rack. Amazing! I just see one problem the more you drink the more your girls shrink, though if the guys are drinking as much as you are they won't care how big your boobs are. Still a really cool idea. I like alcohol and making my boobs look bigger- sounds like a twofer.
  • And finally if you try to not be intoxicated at all times or you're a good person who wants to send your friends thoughtful and personal gifts, then Blends for Friends and their customized tea blends based on personalities would be perfect for you. Actually I think I love that idea (or maybe importantly I love the idea of finding a boy and making him get me this.)
ok y'all; cheers.

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