Sunday, September 23, 2007

"News" From the Other Shore

I really love Helen Mirren even more now after this story of her acid trip taken "during a stroll in the countryside with a group of bohemian friends she stayed with in an "artist's haven" in Stratford-upon-Avon." That's how I want to live! And she still looks so amazing , well maybe not when she's tripping the fuck out

Sweetie, Chanelle or whoever, I don't know who you are are why you're being photographed but... you're trying too hard

trying way too hard

didn't your mummy ever teach you to be yourself?

Ah I just thought that was a "primitive" tribal belief that photos steal souls

but I understand now and it make sense why you've been slowly getting more gaunt and sunken and looking more and more like you've been making out with Dementors, Kiera

Damn You Eastman! ::shakes fist in mock rage::

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