Friday, September 14, 2007

Catching Up With....

Two of "my seniors." Though they were a year ahead of us I always considered Sean Dockery, JJ Redick, Shelden Williams and Lee Melchionni as "my seniors" just because when they were on our team I always thought we could win the title (::sigh::) and seeing them play for 3 years and grow and develop really helped connect me to them emotionally ( and yup I'm a pretty typical nusto Cameron Crazie.) Well for those reasons and the fact that Luol Deng was the only recruit in the class of 07 and he left after his freshman year (I have only recently gotten over that.) So anything that those 4 do I'm excited about and am always happy when they succeed so it's great fun to see what they're up to.

As you may know Shelden is getting married to Candace Parker and their (future) child has hopefully already committed to Duke.

Scrapper Nation got an interview with Lee (though I'm not sure how hard that would be exactly) where he was asked his thoughts on the Duke Family and all that jazz. It was a pretty interesting read and it was good to hear that he still talks to Shelden at least every other day. The last I heard about Lee he was playing in Milan, but according to Facebook he's now in the L.A. network which obviously means he's going to play for the Lakers (that would be amazing) or become a sports agent. Anyway you can read the full interview here. (I still can't figure out who the Scrapper Nation kid is, though admittedly I haven't actually researched it. If anyone knows, I just kind of want to know if I know him)

I'd assume this was filmed as promotion for last years College Basketball video game and it shows "A Day in the Life" of J.J. (though it's pretty much a Cribs episode) and so it was filmed during his rookie year. And in this video I think I heard JJ talk more then I did all of college. It's really funny just because of his awkwardness and the relatively boring nature of it contrasted with the hip hop soundtrack. But I don't care: God I love that boy and his shot. Every game before the team went into the locker room after warm-ups JJ would always hit his last shot as he was running of the court, from the deep corner. A thing of beauty. Here's hoping he can step it up this season.

you can watch part two here.

oh and Sean Dockery? Wherever he is Dock is God.

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Anonymous said...

The Scrapper strikes again! He has a nice interview with Patrick Johnson up right now.