Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

(my mood has sort of darkened in the last few hours as I was told some news about happenings at Duke and as if I don't have enough stress in my life this kind of added to the burden that I don't need to carry but I do anyway, but I'll save that story for tomorrow. if i can remember of course.)

Today I forgot how catchy Tikkle Me is and have had those songs in my head a lot but that's been done and Your Little Hoodrat Friend by the Hold Steady started playing and it's been in my head since. Apparently the song is part of a concept album that is Separation Sunday, which kind of makes the lyrics make more sense now (I just kind of assumed it was about a 20 or so year old living life in a kind of dangerous, drugged and tattooed way) and ps that second line is just killer

Yr little hoodrat friend makes me sick but after I get sick I just get sad.
Because it burns being broke and it hurts to be heartbroken but always being both must be a drag.
She's been calling me again.
She's been calling me again.
Yr little hoodrat friend's been calling me again.
And I can't stand all the things that she sticks into her skin.
Like sharpened ballpoint pens.
And steel guitar strings.
She says it hurts.
But it's worth it.
Tiny little text etched into her neck it said "jesus lived and died for all your sins."
She's got blue black ink and it's Scratched into her lower back.
It said: "damn right i'll rise again." yeah, damn right you'll rise again.

I've been dusted in the dark up in penetration park.
I've been plastered.
I've been shaking hard and searching in a dirty storefront church.
I've been plowed.
But I ain't ever been with your little hoodrat friend.
What makes you think I'm getting with your little hoodrat friend?

Yr little hoodrat friend got me high though.
We were 17 and stuck up in osseo.
She said it's funny even true love gets troubled by stillwater and washed up in the mississippi river.
Her claddagh ring was pointed at the people.
She said "St. Theresa comes to me in dreams."
She said "I ain't gonna do anything sexual with you.
I'm kinda saving myself for the scene."

She said: city center used to be the center of the scene.
Now city center's over.
No one really goes there.
Then we used to drink beneath this railroad bridge.
Some nites the bus wouldn't even stop.
There were just way too many kids.
I was waiting for my ride and I got jumped from behind.
I got punctured.
I got stopped by the cops.
They found it in my sox.
And I got probed.
But I ain't ever been with your little hoodrat friend.
What makes you think I'm getting with your little hoodrat friend?

This isn't the "official" video but I don't like that one as much- (it's as if they went to a director and said " you know, i think we need more color, more fans and make it a party performance piece") But here is the rejected version and let's be honest the song stays the same so enjoy your stuck in my head song of the day Your Little Hoodrat Friend by The Hold Steady

I really think I'm getting an ulcer. Ugh but you know- "damn right I'll rise again."

The Hold Steady- Your Little Hoodrat Friend (mp3) buy it

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