Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ad Diction:Expressly American

I don't know if it's because of the ads saturating the Times website trumpeting the fact that the opinions pages are free because of American Express, or the fact I've seen Tina Fey's commercial all over this week and her "baby" did win the Best Comedy Emmy but I tried to find all of those "My Life, My Card" ads.

So here's "Tina"- (I really think this commercial is hilarious, a strange occurrence in my life)

Ellen's commercial may be my second favorite of the bunch just because it is in black and white and it's just a really really cute and fun concept (and I was actually thinking of using this for Monday Morning Cuteness at one point but...)

I like this Shaun White one because he's cute in a Dennis the Menace/shaggy Ginger way-plus it would be fun to be that young and free

Here is Robert DeNiro's tribute to New York, to his city, in commercial form

I think I've always loved Kate Winslet and I think this commercial is really well done (plus I'm a sucker for a British accent)

This is the M. Night Shymalan AmEx commercial, and just like all of his movies I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the ending about 2/3rds of the way in

Wes Anderson's AmEx commercial was brilliant and quirky and technically amazing (one continuous shot,almost ) and sums up everything I love about him

This Stephen King commercial from, I'm going to guess the 80's seems like it kind have been a protoype of the "My Life My Card" idea

And I don't think this one technically qualifies as a "My Life, My Card" but it's really funny has Superman and it is American Express so I'll allow it

I think this is another part here

Oh and of course there's Andy v. Pong
(wow shilling for a credit card company kind of makes me feel dirty)

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