Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seeing Old Friends

Okay this is random and will interest only pretty much people who were my year at H-W or who went to Brown, so if you're not within that 1/1000 of a percent skip ahead.
Anyway this is one of the joys of being jobless, you get to enjoy those wonderful daytime commercials which seem to be geared towards housewives, people who are disabled, old or people who are trying to go to Technical school. Or for degenerate gamblers. It was an ad for Absolute (i'm not sure if there's an absolute and I though someone at the table in the beginning looked familiar so I didn't immediately turn it off but watched more intently to see if my eyes weren't betraying me

I know "Dan"! We slept in the same tent on a Catalina beach on our 8th grade retreat, we took improv classes together, he played football. I remember when he broke up with the girl he had went out with for much of high school, his senior year in college. And I know it's a horrible commercial and won't be winning any Clios, and it's not anything as big as being on 30 Rock (yay Bridget) or writing a cover story for People (yay Amy) or dating starlets (ummm), but it's still fun and strange to see someone you know feigning enthusiasm about not taking calculus and looking exactly the same as he did 6 years ago; still a little goofy. I guess it was just good to see an old familiar face. I hadn't really though of Teddy, but it's nice to know he's doing pretty well.

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