Monday, September 17, 2007

So...How Was Your Weekend?

Gamecasting this game was hell on Saturday night and it was even worse when Northwestern was in the red zone with 10 seconds left. I really tried not to get too excited, because Duke always lets me down and I really figured we'd find a way to blow it But we didn't!
I couldn't believe we had actually won so I got (probably too) excited and started screen capturing every indication that we had actually won a game
to make sure it wasn't just some cruel dream and that I would have proof that it happened. At least once
I was at that Clemson game and it was actually the last game I'd been in America to hear about us winning and that was 3 years ago. My friends and I were so confident that when Matt Brooks (live forever) hit that field goal and we won and all the freshmen stormed the field we actually looked down upon them, expecting more and more wins. Especially after that Carolina game freshmen year that I went to decked out in Duke blue and having peanuts and popcorn thrown at of my favorite memories ever
and I know I shouldn't get too excited, it is just one win but we've been waiting for so long and have lost so many close games
and even though I predicted that we would win this game I didn't actually think we would. It was just a wish by a frustrated fan. I had lost all faith. But my faith is back and Thaddeus Lewis is worthy of all my Heisman hype
and yeah I am back on the bandwagon and we are definitely going to a bowl game this year (c'mon! please!)

No matter how small that victory is or was at least Duke fans in the fall finally had a good weekend.*

* or at least one that was better than PostSecret (that was really weird yesterday) the Cincinnati Bengals (there is no D in Cincinnati), Notre Dame (Charlie Weis should be fired- Ty Willingham was for less) and Orenthal James ( at least I can, at long last break my Free OJ! shirt out with only minimal irony- he's probably really really guilty though he still won't be able to get a fair trial.)

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