Monday, September 24, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

yeah this headache really isn't going away. it probably is stress related, I know I have far too much stress in my life right now, and I probably don't release it in healthy ways. Anyway. This interminable and seemingly eternal headache is probably why I thought of this song, though I couldn't really bear to hear it, or really anything, today. The song is The Zuton's Pressure Point and the lyrics really speak to my current plight, right down to the howling at the end. Because I have to handle some stuff tomorrow (which means I'm not sure if or how much I'll be posting-sorry) I'm going to try to go to bed relatively early tonight (no First Shop of Coffee Prince :( . Hopefully the rest will do me well and so with all of that, there is this: your stuck in my head song of the day "Pressure Point" by the Zutons

i would love to get this pressure point out of my head. pray for mojo.

The Zutons- Pressure Point (mp3)

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