Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Don't Have A Problem With It

So this morning before I got out of bed I was screwing around trying to see if I was the only one who thinks Obama '16 sounds a little better and more properly seasoned than Obama' 08 when I found this website Edwards-Obama '08, and I must say, I never thought about it, I was thinking about pairing John with Joe Biden but with Obama it makes a lot of sense. Sure individually they may not have the experience of a Clinton or Biden, but together? It's almost like Voltron. And Bill Maher, who I'm a little iffy on sometimes, made a pretty good point
when he stated that such a ticket would be unbeatable.

"Both men are charismatic and articulate, while promoting a populist
platform bases on equality and hope. The ticket
would be balanced geographically, as Edwards is
from the South and Obama is from the Midwest."

Not to mention they're both young and enthusiastic and somewhat attractive ( Obama is the somewhat, John Edwards is the attractive)

but with the news this morning that the SEIU has not yet endorsed John it could be a little tougher (and I wish I was Stephen Colbert because right now those Service Employees are dead to me. And after all I've done to support unions)

and so instead of Edwards/Obama'08 it looks more and more like this is the future

though I actually don't have too much of a problem with her (though maybe I should). I don't know if it's the estrogen or the story in the Washington Post this weekend about the strength she's gotten from her mother Dorothy but I like her more and more.
Seriously though the only important thing is that a Democrat wins, because any candidate who does not denounce or cancel his support of a party that is asking people to donate $9.11 (I'm looking at you Rudy) is sick and fills me with disgust. Are you fucking kidding me?! National Tragedy as cute advertising gimmick. (i have a feeling Abraham Sofaer may be in the running for worst person in the world tonight)

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