Friday, September 14, 2007

The Bad and Good of American Politics (with a little Ugly)

A Headline from the Huffington Post:

Well, isn't that what the Constitution originally meant? Y'know since women couldn't vote and blacks were 3/5 of a person. (here are the links to the first, second and third story if you're interested) In case you couldn't tell that was the bad.

Now on to news about a man who would be President of all people John Edwards, and in case you missed it (and you probably did. I assumed that it would be broadcast within minutes of the official rebuttal, but it was shown half an hour later and was the last commerical in the commercial break) here's John Edwards' commercial rebuttal to the President's speech (which was pathetic, simply pathetic.) John's rebuttal had all good points and he looked presidential but there were probably better ways to spend $150,000 dollars (though it apparently made him the first candidate to directly address the nation in opposition to the war.)

He was on Larry King 10 minutes before this aired for free.

Finally here's a link to a man who has no chance of winning, kind of like all the Republicans, but at least he's not wasting millions of dollars. Lee Mercer Jr. I salute you and your American Dream. You're not nearly as delusional as some people.

(ps Barack Obama is still incapable of original thought.)

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