Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song(s) of the Day

Today I couldn't settle on one song that was in my head because these three were sorta of swirling around and intermingling with each other in a strange and continuous medley. I'm not sure if the musicality they share is just in my head or is evident, but whatever. here are your stuck in my head songs of the day "Bukowski" by Modest Mouse, "Big Cheese" by Nirvana and "Beautiful Son" by Hole. ok i'll just leave it at that. kid nation is on y'know. so enjoy

Modest Mouse-Bukowski(mp3)

Nirvana- Big Cheese (mp3)

Hole- Beautiful Son (mp3)
You look good in my dress
I'll get your friends to clean the mess
You look good in my clothes
I can feel you where the doctor goes

My beautiful son
Yeah...I know

He had ribbons in his hair
And lipstick was everywhere
You look good in my dress
You look good in my dress

You're barren like me
You're barren

My beautiful son

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