Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rappers Talking Without DJs Spinning

say the darndest things! (alternate title- Rapper's are Punny and don't worry if you don't remember the reference to Rosie's joke book for kids written back when she was still a harmless Tom Cruise obsessed girl and not a vocal and visible lesbian.)

The Game who was leaving a L.A. courthouse gave probably the greatest rambling non substance aided interview, maybe ever. even after being warned subtly and quickly by his attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley that there are cameras waiting "gentlemen on camera."
It really is an amazingly bizarre interview given to TMZ and if he actually does take out $7000 dollars a day and gives thousands to homeless people, he and Colin Farrell should really become friends. Oh and I never noticed before but I think he has really pretty eyes.

This interview with Kanye, ahh, haha let's just say this really makes me want to watch the Wendy Williams Experience ( I'm assuming this is Wendy Williams, the new york radio host and not Wendy Williams who's experience would have included driving a car through a wall of tvs moving suggestively with a sledgehammer and dying young, or apparently Wendy Williams the transsexual porn star who's experience I imagine includes a lot of anal) to see if Kanye acts even more of a fool.

Yes Kanye you are the number one human in music (and in my heart...awwww. jk.)

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