Monday, September 24, 2007

Joni and Susanna

I was going to title this post "apropos of nothing", because it is (as is everything else on this site) but then I read this post and I couldn't come close to topping it so I didn't even want to try.
Instead I just wanted to show a video or two from Joni & Susanna which is so subtly funny that it sneaks up on you. I first started to watch it because Susanna, the driver, looks like Dominique I girl I went to high school with (it's not, I'm pretty sure) but...I can't describe it, enjoy-
here's Joni & Susanna... Look For a Parking Space

(aah that panjabi mc bit and song is so catchy it's insidious)
and Joni & Susanna... Go to Jack in the Box

and if you like it and you do this kind of thing you can always say hi on Susanna's myspace page. So subtle and hilarious-Well done ladies

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