Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kid Nation- Now With 11% Fewer Chickens

I seriously think I love Kid Nation too much. But it is seriously the best show even though I've stopped watching and waiting for the class struggle. Last night they were basically advised to kill some chickens for "protein"-that was the buzzword of last night and at one point a small group of them barricaded themselves in a chicken coop to prevent it. Hunger and the want of the masses won out and they didn't show the actual axe falling but they showed the chickens flapping postmortem, which if I was a kid would really have freaked me out.
I feel really bad for the green team because most of the kids I like are in that gang ( teams have mascots, gangs only have colors) Laurel, Sophia and Mike. And for the second week in a row they got stuck cleaning outhouses and drawing frozen water all the while having to cook because the Yellows are too lazy (which isn't going over well and pretty soon I'm predicting a death in Bonaza city. jk)
And I'm not excusing it or saying it's right but for the first time I could conceivably understand why those young teachers have affairs with their kids. Michael is such a leader and so grounded and so good hearted, with such a nice smile I kind of got a crush on him (or more exactly him in a few years when he's legal.) But you can tell that kid is going to go far, while Greg who was upset about not winning the gold star and vowed revenge, who's worked as a butcher and at laying down pipe all while dealing with anger issues, he's either going to be a serial killer that has a dungeon, a blue collar wife beater, or, what the hey, incredibly successful (you can't root against kids- it just wouldn't be okay)

I had intended this post to be about other shows I watched last night when i was too lazy and tired to move from bed and so....
9 o'clock was one of those times when I really missed my dvr. Dvr is one of those inventions where if you never had it you don't really understand what you're missing but once you've had it and then have to return to watching only one thing-it is simply tragic. I tried to watch "private practice" (I'm not sure if it is supposed to be capitalized but since it's based in L.A. I feel that they felt lowercase lent a cachet of chill and a relaxed vibe) because I love Kate Walsh and Addison (which is a fabulous name) and I dug it for like the first bit but then it just got kind of boring- I think the sub plot of having someone count tiles might have added to that feeling. But it does have Jonathan from LAWKI , which was seriously the best show ever, so that is amazing! Hopefully it will pick up because at a certain point last year Addison was the only one I didn't hate on Grey's Anatomy. But during watching this I was also flipping back to Gossip Girl, which is kind of growing on me, and Bionic Woman, that I wasn't to excited about originally.
Maybe it's because I don't have that nostalgia of 70s scifi shows and the word Bionic just seems kind of dumb and outdated but I didn't know why exactly they were remaking it. I'll save my full judgment until I watch it online (thank god for that) but it looked pretty cool- the only parts I didn't like were when she was running and it looked really fake and CG and the Terminator vision bit I could do without. One part that stuck with me was when she was running in the woods a girl in a car saw her and told her mother that this woman was running as fast as the car at which point her mom admonished her to stop reading so much and the kid responded "I just thought it was cool" which seemed to me a strange kind of insertion of feminist thought that "girls can run fast too" that I would hope girls of her age would already accept and not think extraordinary and that hopefully she would be involved in some sport as well. But I don't know, people are raised differently as so maybe it was cool to her* and maybe that inspired some little girl in a more traditional locale to aspire and dream, which would be the best of things.. It did kind of remind me of Jessica Alba's Dark Angel though, which means I'll probably watch at least a few more times.

And finally at 10 was Dirty Sexy Money and I must say I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It has that kind of trashy voyeuristic feel of looking in at the failings and dysfunctionality of rich familys but also with a mystery, and other unforeseen revelations and the feeling that eventually the goodhearted lawyer and his nice perfect life will be corrupted by the hands of the wealthy. It has an amazing cast too-Peter Krause has always been a bit of a favorite, back to Sports Night and Donald Sutherland seems perfect for his part; he has that same look of perhaps malevolent mischief in his eyes and smile he did back when he was in the Dirty Dozen, and I enjoy Adam (i think it's Adam) Baldwin because he has that thing that all less famous siblings have where they kind of look like their star sibling, but not quite. Plus while pondering whether to run for senate he's having a secret affair with a transsexual. Speaking of, I didn't know Candis Cayne's voice was so profundo, though I guess the layout of the entrance hall where she spoke may have encouraged echoes-either way she still has a body to die for. I enjoyed the whole thing so much that I think I put it as a favorite tv show on facebook while I was watching last night- definitely a first for a first episode.

Ok and that was way longer than I had planned but whatevs ::shrugs shoulders::

(just a question- the original Bionic Woman came out in the 70s right? So I'm assuming it came about as a result of 2nd wave feminist activities and the notion that women could be ever bit as heroic as men? but did she only get this equality and empowerment after she was augmented and stopped being "purely human and a woman" and become more than that and partly bionic? Would that imply that ordinary women who didn't have however many millions of dollars worth of government technology implanted, were not possible of achieving a state of such equality? But I'm just rambling and I was just thinking out loud with no real evidence)

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