Thursday, September 20, 2007

Definite Upgrade

(picture from I'm Not Obsessed)

Aren't you glad I didn't pull something like "He created Mac, She's not P.C."?
Anyway as I'm sure everyone (who would care) knows Kathy Griffin (love her!) is reportedly engaged to Steve Wozniak. I would have to say that's a catch, a billionaire who is smitten with her- I'm pretty sure that is every girl's dream. Even if he does kind of look like an Ewok he is so much better (aka cleaner and richer) than the Nick Carters or Ron Jeremys she dated last season on her show. And to think just a few years ago she was getting a divorce from a sleaze who was stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her. To go from that to someone who earns that much while eating breakfast is remarkable. (And they say he's a great guy) Not just that but to go from the "D-List" to a Tech Princess- it's like some kind of bizarro Grace Kelly fairy tale.

But it makes me really happy and they're adorable, and so in conclusion: YAY

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