Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wainy Day Woman

In this episode of Wainy Days (which I couldn't resist posting for soon-to-be obvious reasons) David is seen to be ignorant a misogynist and kind of an asshole. But then, in order to get a girl he undertakes a journey of betterment and one of transformation with remarkable results. (and Michael Ian Black, I've discovered, is a lot funnier when he doesn't open his mouth)

Ah I love it! The ERA Yes pin, I want one. It almost make me like Karen more...but not really. Rashida Jones though is amazing I do love her. She's like the perfect woman. She's so pretty, she's so smart (went to Harvard graduating with degrees in religion and philosophy and has a photographic memory) is basically an heiress (being the daughter of Quincy Jones), she dated Mark Ronson, Tobey Maguire and Jim (among others), she sang on Maroon 5's good album, was on Chappelle Show and she works to help kids resolve conflicts without violence.Hmmm- Actually I don't think I like her anymore; she is way too perfect.
(i'll still miss her on the office though)

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