Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kid Nation- Not Yet Lord of the Flies

So last night when I was lying in bed, shivering from the unexpected cold and thinking about...whatever, I began to watch America's Next Top Model- I think at this point it's just habit.(I may give up on it and just catch it on the inevitable marathon(s). But anyway I hadn't planned on watching Kid Nation but I turned it on and I could not look away. It was just so fascinating and I think the whole time my jaw was dropped as it progressed. You can see the personality and type of people that the kids will have when they grow up, like Michael will be quite a hit with the ladies, Laurel will be like a teacher/social worker, Greg is soon to be a frat boy type and Sofia will be a hippie, for just a few.

They divided the kids into color coded groups which I was sure was going to create some type of gang warfare. Some of the kids are so mature and seem like real people and preternaturally responsible, like Laurel looking after the smaller kids and making sure they're doing okay, and cooking ( I'm relieved to see they actually give them food otherwise there could be a stick sharpened on both ends) that I really wondered if I was their age how would I react in such a situation. I went away to camp but never for 40 days and never without supervision like they are (minus the host and I'm sure scores of production staff and child safety activist.)

There are like 8 year olds which seemed too young and I of course worried (especially when the young kids are crying by themselves in a corner, for home)- I think the kids minimum age could be 10 and that would be fine. I don't understand though why they allowed 15 year olds- they're just so much bigger and most teenagers are assholes (it's a fact) and either will want to look after the kidsI guess each week they give a kid a real gold star which is worth $20,000 which is a helluva prize, and allow any kids who want to go home to do so (Jimmy left this week and he was so adorable.)

They divided the kids into 4 classes, workers/cooks/merchants/upperclass with the upper class making 4 times as much as the workers (twice as much as the cooks, etc) so I really am expecting and hoping for the eventual class struggle (that must result from such inequality) and for the workers of kid nation to unite. Y'know, in the coming Glorious Socialist Revolution Of course I worry about the potential disgusting exploitation of it by certain people or pedophiles watching it too intently because they all are basically pre-pubescent, and there was a random challenge where they had to pump colored water and it was soaking their clothing, which seemed, just a bit inappropriate.
I just hope that they keep the kids safe before the show devolves into an Off the Grid experience

Though that would be incredibly entertaining.

And I watched Gossip Girl last night and though I don't think I care about the characters, the omniscient narrator who implies further mystery and has future revelations in her voice totally sucked me in, kinda like Desperate Housewives. I'll probably end up watching it, and of course hating myself.

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