Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Have Not Been Paying Attention

I don't know how I forgot, considering the extreme and annoying level of hype, as well as the Rolling Stone cover sitting near me with Curtis Jackson looking quite angry (and not to sound racist but kind of like a gorilla) but today is the day when Kanye's new album drops as does Curtis' "Curtis." Curtis (or 50 Cent, whatever) claims that if Kanye outsells him he'll "no longer put out any solo albums" . I doubt it (see Jay-Z/Too $hort, Masta P, Bow Wow, etc) but go for it. If I had been paying attention or actually cared I might have done a celebrity showdown, my last one seemed to be quite popular (relative to most of the other junk on this blog) But just a question, what happens if Kenny Chesney outsells them both? I mean he is hugely popular and moves records. Will they both have to retire and go away and quit with their macho bullshit, posturing and whining (Mr. West I'm looking at you)?
I'm not actually going to buy any of their records, though if I were I'd chose Kanye (my "gangsta " phase has long since past I'll just wait until I hear something more from it; "Stronger" is fine and good-I just prefer the original.

Other significant* albums coming out this week (or at least that I think are coming out; that page is a little confusing)

A Drink and A Quick Decison-Grand National
Because I'm Awesome- The Dollyrots
Boogie 2Nite-Bootyluv (ha)
Canon- Ani Difranco
Concert in Central Park- Simon & Garfunkel
Dark on Fire-Turin Brakes
Drastic Fantastic-KT Tunstall
Ella in Hamburg-Ella Fitzgerald
Fitzcarraldo-The Frames
McCoy Tyner Quarter-McCoy Tyner
North Star Deserter-Vic Chestnutt

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