Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He Has a Good Point? Maybe?

My "old friend" Chris Crocker has a new video passionately imploring the media to leave britney alone during her times of trouble and also decrying the hypocrisy of bashing her just to push copy. I really can't tell if he cares this much (he claims those are real tears-actors cry real tears too,honey) or if it is a brilliantly acted overexaggerated defense for a fallen star (where's David Spade's Hollywood Minute.) I like to think it's the latter because I wouldn't want to have laughed so much at real passion and the vicarious pain he must be feeling for her. And in honor of this video I will no longer make fun of Britney.
(Thanks be to Defamer for doing the dirty work of finding this)

(about half a million views in less than a day.wow)
And apparently (according to Page Six so Caveat Emptor) before her performance:

On Saturday, the day before the VMAs, Spears was scheduled to arrive at rehearsal at around 1 p.m. Our spy said, "She didn't even get to Las Vegas until 4:30 p.m.

To make matters worse, when she arrived in Vegas, Spears didn't go straight to rehearsals.
"She went to her hotel room and ordered a bunch of food and some frozen margaritas," the spy said. "She came down, like, an hour later with a frozen margarita in her hand."

"The dance number was spectacular - without her," said our spy at rehearsal. "When the stand-in was rehearsing with the dancers, in the hours they were all waiting for her, it was amazing. Then Britney showed up and refused to do anything. The dancers were supposed to lift and twirl her in the air a few times, and that just wasn't going to happen. The more complicated dance moves had to be erased because she couldn't do them."

Meanwhile, Spears was agitated because she didn't like the outfit MTV had selected for her.
"MTV wanted her to wear a corset outfit. It would have looked great and covered a lot of things up, but she hated it and didn't think it was sexy enough.

Oops. I was just stating "facts." That wasn't making fun of her was it?

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