Friday, September 7, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Somehow this really has begun to seem like a job, though of course I only do it because I'm bored and it amuses me, but the reason I can tell was when I woke up this morning I was really looking forward to my last post of the week. So that I could chill during the weekend. Now that I'm here I don't know if I should really go out; tonight I still feel a little queasy and I am pretty broke, but we'll see. I mean it is Friday.
So your stuck in my head song of the day is from The Long Winters, who are amazing amazing amazing live, probably the best concert, in its way, that I've ever seen (What Made Milwaukee Famous actually was their first opener.) Before they were on they were just hanging out eating thai food, I think, outside by their van and once on stage their stage banter was so cool and they played purely requests for like an hour. Seem like a really genuine group of guys. The song is Blue Diamonds, a song with a great bass line catchy beat and memorable chorus. You can find the lyrics here (along with a mp3 of the song)- see how nice they are?

This is the official video, I'm pretty sure, and it's not what I expected it would be at all, but it works in its own way, and most importantly you can hear the song quite well, but here it is

As for me and going out tonight I've been inspired

Time for the hard light
Time to get dressed
Good luck, God bless

I'll add goodnight and have a sweet weekend. Rock out!

(ps I know someone I did 10 post so not all of todays are on this one page but Coonie Tunes, my friday morning post is right on the next page ( or if you're lazy it's here ) and it is enjoyable. Grazie)

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