Friday, September 7, 2007

Coonie Tunes

Et tu Betty? I mean you have great gams and all but this was kind of shocking. In this cartoon, I'm assuming it's from the 1930s (1935 in fact) Betty Boop is hosting a "stars of the future" talent show with babies as the acts. It's all really cute with lots of awwws, (I really like the russian dancing girl) but you can tell things are going to go bad when she begins to introduce a group called the Colorful Three. I'll let you take a gander yourself, and it is amazing how everything is quite normal and so I'm guessing they put that minute or so in there because it was normal and accepted as well. But c'mon! And then the Native American kid with the incredibly stereotypical "Indian" music, laughing more excitedly when he shoots the white soldiers. wow Betty. Anyway here it is Betty Boop in Making Stars:

Don't even get me started on the skin and lips and the mammy look but Seriously was that cotton in the background? And I don't know how anyone, even then, could think that the watermelon motif and smile wasn't offensive. Damn that was racist. Times change though. Guess it's societal evolution. And Betty if you weren't so fabulous I would totally have to hold this against you, but I guess we can still be friends.Maaybe.

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