Friday, September 7, 2007

So That Makes 100 and 2 Reasons.

Radar Magazine ( or at least Radar Magazine Online, I don't know if I've ever seen an actual physical copy, though if it was too glossy I probably overlooked it) had a list of "100 Reasons You're Still Single." I could think of a few for myself (I don't care all that much, and that whole pre-op bit) so I decided to satisfy my curiosity and find out what else is wrong with me. Luckily I don't hit on the full one hundred, but I do/have done/am intrigued by quite a few. So here's my winnowing of the list.

Call Grey's Anatomy simply "Grey's"- I did at one point especially when I watched the show but it got really bad and so I stopped. But Anatomy is a really long word, 4 syllables; who has that time to waste?
Are only gay when you're drunk- At one point I thought I was only when I'm drunk, then I realized I just like boys (or making out with girls, though I am a bit of a kissy whore. I don't know if that makes me gay or whatever.)
Have written poetry inside a Starbucks- I think inside a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf once. I'm opposed to Starbucks.
Know someone who knows someone who knows the Geico caveman- One of my friends actually took a picture with his cell phone of a guy he saw in an airport queue that he thought was a caveman. Does that count?
Keep a dream journal- Is there something weird about that? My dreams are fantastic: at times better than waking.
Converse with angels- I would like to. I don't think that's a secret. Or bad.
Cry when you listen to Belle and Sebastian, then, still tearful, blog about it- I mean Belle and Sebastian are soo amazing. I haven't yet but odds are it'll happen. Never say Never.
Call underwear "panties"- Well, certain underwear is panties.
Have more than zero stuffed animals on your bed- I only have one, but I've had him forever and I sometimes like to cuddle (wow that's a bit pathetic. Let's move on.)
Use the word "scrumptious"- I'm sure I have before: it's a fun word. Try saying it out loud. See how fun it is?
Carry an All Things Considered tote bag- I didn't know they had this. I will have to look into it. NPR is the only regular radio I listen to.
Have taken a course on improving your oral sex technique- Thought about it. I mean you can always get better ( though I've only had one complaint and I was rrreally high.) Education is good.
Will do anything for "shits and giggles- Guilty ::drops head in shame::
Posted your profile on Sean Hannity's "Hannidate"; are black- I had no idea what Hannidate was but I checked it out, a dating site for conservatives (or as it says "a site for people of like conservative mind can come together"), I mean that is too hilarious. I actually wanna post a profile now.

Wow that's only like 14%. I'm not nearly as screwed as I thought. I'm good to go ( though they should have included " you fiddle with Gwen Stefani inspired paper dolls and get upset when they don't look anything close to you" or "spends all day writing a blog no one reads")

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