Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Mystery of Steve Fossett

So Steve Fossett has been missing for almost 10 days now, and though you never want to give up hope when you're talking about a life, only one man could survive alone so long out in the wild, (and no it's not Bear*) Les the Survivorman. I wasn't planning to write anything about it but then an idea came to me: What if Steve Fossett didn't crash or whatever? What if he actually just kept flying to start a new life someplace else? They say he was an experienced pilot, he didn't leave a flight plan, and they can't find him anywhere. I mean they searched the entire SouthWest** within a few days (and I think it's kind of funny and a sign of the times that people are using Google Earth to help search [how often are the satellite images updated? I'm too lazy too find out for myself.])
What if he had planned this and this was his attempt to be immortalized and become a Legend. By just disappearing. Without a trace. Sure right now Steve Fossett is a famous adventurer, or whatever, but I really never gave him much thought, or really cared about any of his feats. A lot of people do crazy adventuring stuff; it's amazing but becoming commonplace. He just seemed like an eccentric rich older guy who was living out all his dreams and life long adventuring fantasies. I'm sure there were quite a few people who thought the same way. But if he were to have disappeared he would enter that realm of mysteries that are never forgotten. Who now doesn't remember or wonder about the exact fate of Amelia Earhart? What happened to D.B. Cooper who hijacked a plane and then parachuted out into the night and into history? And these other mysteries people still ponder and obsess over. Maybe He was bored and was really such an adventurer that he wanted something new (once again pure speculation.) If he could start his life over someplace else and become a lasting mystery and a legend at the same time would be tremendous. His name would always be known:Whatever Happened to Steve Fossett? The question would linger forever.
Who doesn't at times want everlasting fame (yes I realize other people aren't as egotistical or as obsessed with legacy as I am.)
But of course if he were to have actually done what I just suggested in his attempt to be a legend, that would make him an incredible asshole for abandoning his friends and his wife of 40 years. But I guess to be a Legend you gotta break a few eggs

(and no I am not saying that Steve Fossett is a bad guy, and I especially don't mean to talk ill of someone who, god forbid, might be no more. I just think it would be intriguing and kind of cool.)

* maybe he is just pulling a Bear right now and is chilling in a hotel waiting until all hope is seemingly lost to reappear and burnish his hardcore adventurer survivor status.
** a totally unrelated aside: what is the South West? Does it include Southern California or Texas?I don't think it should. I mean I don't think Nor Cal is a part of the North West. California is California; that is its geographic neighborhood It seems to me like an amorphous term used to describe an area of states where no real state is overwhelmingly important, kind of like the Mid West. No offense midwesterners or those from the southwest (southwesterners?) I love you all.

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