Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OK No More Britney Posts After This One

My mind is really over Britney and most everything about her, so I've decided I'll only mention her here again if she does something really amazing and just bizarre, like if she enlisted in the Army. Or starts dating Prince Harry. I give my word.*
So here are a few things that are peripherally related to Britney (Ms. Spears if you're..her future Nurse Ratched)

  • Entertainment Weekly has listened to 4 of the new songs off Britney's album (so excited, ugh.) Here are some of the lyrics to Piece of Me, which was produced by the masters who made Toxic, and tha "kicks off with her standard breathy-sexy growl over a thumping hook: ''I'm Mrs. American dream/ Since I was 17.'' Then things get darker: ''I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous/I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God, that Britney's shameless'/ I'm Mrs. 'Extra, extra, this just in' / I'm Mrs. 'She's too fat, now she's too thin.''' At other points in the song, she refers to herself as ''bad media karma'' and insists, ''Another day, another drama/ I can't see the harm in working hard and being a mama." I wonder if it has a hot beat. Anyway you can read the rest here.
  • I really regret posting that Chris Crocker video yesterday. I mean the kid was everywhere yesterday on tv, cable news and any website I ended up on. I didn't realize something could go from kind of funny to I'm over it and never want to see it again, in less than 24 hours and having only watched it in full once. And of course all the sites mentioned his androgynous appearance and subtly mocked it by italicizing their inevitable "this" line. I still believe that it was an incredibly well acted plea and attempt at humour, maybe to gain publicity who knows, but it may just backfire. I know I linked to the stranger article on him at some point (it's a good read) and how he lives in a small Dixie town and life is tough because he is so out and open, but I just feel having your face on every media site or source crying may make things more difficult by exposing your face and image, or whatever to bigots who may not be familiar with your internet work. And maybe you actually do feel such sympathy for Britney because you too have been ostracized and constantly made fun of, so you can relate to the pain such ridicule may cause. I totally understand and I hope everything works only for the good honey. But I could do without seeing your horrible blond hair for awhile. Enough already.
  • And finally it's good to see Kevin Federline came out of this whole mess looking clean and good. Of course by clean and good I mean not batshit crazy; I wouldn't have believed that was possible. Here's an interview with Extra about his new "acting thing".

*My word is my bond, unless something is really really too good to pass on.

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