Thursday, June 21, 2007

Man vs. Wild Confuses Me

So I'm sure all of you have heard of the show on the Discovery Channel, Man vs. Wild where this English guy Bear Gryllis (christian name I'm sure) is stranded out in the middle of nowhere and has to find his way back to civilization. He's been in place like the Moab desert, the Everglades, the Swiss Alps and like the wilderness of Alaska. It's incredibly compelling and often disgusting television seemingly born out of the The Worst Case Scenario Handbook /Y2K survival/ real man phenomenon that has been around for the past few years (maybe the war and terrorism and nuclear threats are scaring people a little.) But the one thing that confuses me about this show is how many of the camera shots are evidently from angles too far away to be controlled by him; it's obvious he has a camera crew (unlike the similarly themed Survivorman (more here)which I personally find a bit more interesting because he has to fight not only the elements but also extreme isolation and loneliness.) But as for Bear and his show some of the situations that he's in, like crossing rivers full of alligators or using a creaky unsafe bridge to cross a ravine, he's putting his crew in that same danger? I'm sure none of them are as survivor skilled plus they're carrying camera equipment; I really wanna see them on camera because that's mad hardcore.
I would like to think that every night they have like a tent they go to and sleep while Bear is out in the elements and also that they have like actual food to eat while Bear does stuff like this, otherwise those guys need a better Union, that's all I'm saying

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