Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Grown Up Pranks with Grown Up Price Tags

Two examples of guys who are not allowing the passage of time to control their growing up.

The Smoking Gun has discovered a pretty simple yet advanced prank that led to a lawsuit being filed by 2 American University alums who were not quite happy with their updates in the Class Notes section of their Alumni magazine:

According to the entry, Weil had been recently named chief operating officer of the Gay Rights Brigade, and had married Royce, his "life-partner," in June 2006. Which came as a surprise to Weil and Royce, who contend that the update was a prank that has defamed them because it falsely "imputes homosexual behavior" on their part. As a result of the newsletter entry, Weil and Royce are seeking $750,000 apiece from their alma mater for the purportedly libelous report, according to a lawsuit filed late last month in U.S. District Court in New York. Weil, 29, and Royce, 28, former roommates who now live near each other in Manhattan, filed their complaint after American rejected a June 29 settlement demand.

I mean that's pretty funny but who would actually go through the time of making up this story and then sending it in to a magazine. Shouldn't he (or she) have grown up a little, let go of old beefs and moved past making gay jokes. I'm happy to see that falsely imputing homosexual behavior is still grounds for a defamation lawsuit. I blame Tom Cruise. But they do still live near each other; I just wonder what neighborhood in Manhattan.

This prank is the latest in a series of pranks between these two friends and it is pretty funny. You know how at sporting events they sometimes flash marriage proposal on the jumbotron? (i think my uncle actually did that with his fiancee at a Dodger game) Well in this prank, Amir spends 500 dollars to have the Yankee Stadium Jumbotron show a marriage proposal as being from his rival prankster and friend Streeter, to Streeter's girlfriend. As the old saying goes hilarity ensues:

And I thought it was fake and staged too at first, but apparently it's the real deal. Yeah that was a pretty masterful prank. You can see the ones that led up to it here.

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