Thursday, September 6, 2007

Football Season? Really? Already?

I can't say it's snuck up on me but somehow like the NFL starts tonight. Maybe it's because I've had other things on my mind than sports, or maybe I'm just not so into it because I can't really talk trash to my guy friends like I used to, being spread out all over America and all, or maybe the reason I'm not so excited is I'm not going to the best place on Earth, Devine's, to watch the game (best chili in durham.) And I'd feel dumb going someplace by myself. Or maybe it's just the estrogen;Who knows?
But of course my diminished enthusiasm ( I have the hardest time spelling that word) won't stop me from trying to predict how this season will turn out (and according to google analytics y'all like when I "butch it up" and I wanna do this before the Saints win tonight, though, as we all remember, my prognosticating skills probably suck. So based on nothing factual but rather how I feel about the teams this is how everything will work out. (and y'know what's scary? I no longer remember which teams are in which division so I have to consult ESPN; this is sad) I'd bet the house.

East: Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, NY Giants (eli sucks. let him play squash)
South: New Orleans, Carolina, Tampa Bay, ATL
North: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota
West: San Francisco, Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis (not that I still hate the Rams for leaving L.A. or anything)

West: San Diego, Denver, Kansas City, Oakland (not that I still hate the Raiders for leaving L.A. or anything; they're really really bad)
North: (my favorite division) Cincy [my team!], B'more, Pittsburgh (blame Steely McBeam, though Mike Tomlin seems awesome), Cleveland
South: Indy, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville (who's the Jags qb nowadays?)
East: New England ( though I hate them), Buffalo, New York J-E-T-S, Miami

Wild Cards: (are there 3 in each league? Apparently not)
NFC: Philadelphia and Arizona
AFC: Baltimore and...let's go with Buffalo

Divisional Playoffs
NFC: New Orleans over Dallas: Chicago over Philadelphia
AFC: Cincinnati over Indianapolis: Baltimore over New England

NFC: New Orleans over Chicago ( the dome is a lot cozier than the snow in Soldier's Field)
AFC: Cincinnati over Baltimore

Super Bowl: New Orleans over Cincinnati in a high scoring match up of former Trojan Heisman winners.
Drew Brees MVP.

There you have it. Now you can watch with none of the end of season results in doubt, obvi.
(Wow that was hard and horrible and there's no way any of that is happening. I'd bet the house.)

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