Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ad Diction: Poor Andy

I decided this would be a good spot to just send a small tribute to Andy Roddick, who I'm kind of indifferent too, who played a hell of a match last night, almost perfect really, and still lost in straight sets. You really have to feel bad for the guy ( I guess I can't call him "kid" since he's older than me)- if only one player didn't exist, or was banned from the sport because he's a robot, he'd have so much more confidence and so many more Slams. But I guess it's his lot, as it probably is for all the men's players to be overshadowed and toyed with by Roger Federer.
So here is Andy's best moment of the past few years, as determined by me, like five minutes ago: Roddick vs. Pong, and once again off the top of my head I don't know what the commercial is advertisting (which kind of defeats the purpose, but whatevs)

And it is sorta mean to say but the first 33 seconds of that ad is what Andy looks like whenever he plays Roger. Pity.
I wasn't going to show this next commercial, focused on Roger, but it is probably better than Andy's (getting owned on levels), though it shows there is one person who still outshines Federer (A note: this commercial was released early this summer like in June and Roger no longer has 10 majors, he has 12- and yes I've conceded to the inevitability of this year's U.S. Open)

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