Friday, September 14, 2007

A Truly Brilliant Video (if you hate the Pats as you should)

this was found on Deadspin and it is brilliant and speaks truth about the Pats and sums up how I feel (and yes I readily admit my hatred of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick).

Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat.

Well done Ryan Parker, well done.
(And since I know you want to sing along here are the lyrics and chords:)

[G] I never called Bill Belichick a [C] genius,
Cause [D] I remember when he coached the [Bm] Browns,
[Em] He was such a failure up in [Am] Cleveland,
The [C] franchise folded up and left the [D] town,
[G] I never said Tom Brady was a [C] hero,
Cause [D] I remember him at [Bm] Michigan,
[Em] Bringing Gatorade to Brian [Am] Griese,
[C] Except for garbage [D] time when he got [G] in,

So wasn't [C] it a little shady when this [Em] quarterback named Brady,
[D] Suddenly became a mega [G] star,
Wasn't [C] it a bit confusing when this [Em] coach who's used to losing,
[D] Earned the reputation that he's [G] smart,
When you [C] know which plays are coming, it can [Em] make a coach look cunning,
And [D] make an average quarterback [G] elite,
Cheating's [C] how they got their glory, it's the [Em] true deceitful story,
Of [D] Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat, [G]

[G] The tabloids say they've cheated on their [C] girlfriends,
And [D] someone should review their [Bm] SATs,
The [Em] IRS should look into their [Am] taxes,
And their [C] colleges should check out their [D] degrees,
[G] Mangini knew the tricks that they were [C] using,
So [D] he convinced the Jets to turn them [Bm] in,
Cause [Em] he was getting sick and tired of [Am] losing,
[C] To a team that [D] has to cheat to [G] win,

But Brady's [C] made a lot of money and he's [Em] scored a lot of honeys,
By [D] showing off his championship [G] rings,
Bill's been [C] praised because he's clever, and [Em] called the greatest ever,
And [D] lived with all the luxuries that [G] brings,
But let's [C] confiscate their Sony's, and [Em] expose them both as phonies,
And [D] see how many teams that they can [G] beat,
Some would [C] say it won't be any, if it [Em] is, it won't be many,
Poor [D] Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat, [G]
No more [C] lucky play selection, into [Em] proper blitz protection,
For [D] Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat, [G]
Cause cheating's [C] how they got their glory, it's the [Em] true deceitful story,
Of [C] Shady Brady [D] and Bill Belicheat [G]

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