Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time To Butch It Up

So after that last post where I basically confessed my desire to be a folk singer who would live preferably in Vermont I felt that maybe I should try to inject some testosterone into this blog. And it will also give me a tie in to write about the greatest sports moment of this weekend. When I was on Espn.com on Saturday checking for scores and saw that App. St had beaten Michigan, even though I try not to curse it was fucking ridiculous and totally blew my mind. I knew App St was good, they have huge billboards in Durham proclaiming "Rock Solid Back to Back Champions" or whatever, but they're still App. St (and I still hate some of them for taking my picture with Theresa on Halloween 2 years ago and not e-mailing them like they said they would. Bastards) and it is still the all time winningest football program losing at home in a stadium that holds more people than probably the city of Boone does.
Wow. It was simply unbelivable and though I usually feel somewhat bad for the team that loses in an upset or at the last second, you have to be happy for them and their genuine enthsusaism that is so real. Listen to their radio broadcast and try no to get goosebumps. From the Charlotte Observer, or in this video that I found on monsieur Deadspin. This is the beauty and the wonderful thing about sports.
And I don't really hate Michigan (though recently I have been rooting for Ohio State because I like JimTressel's sweater vest; he looks so professorial) I have tonnes of friends who went there, including and old crush who worked for the team, I adore The Victors (only behind Rocky Top as my fav) and going to Duke I know what it feels to be the best and have everyone root against you and for the underdog and then celebrate after the once in a lifetime occurence where you lose ( I still hate VCU. The Refs cheated and their team was a bunch of thugs) But one of their message boards and threads had a guy talking about a dream he had and....here were the comments:

  • I hope this dream doesn't come true. App St. was up 39-9, and the big house was STUNNED. I was crying of the thought that we were about to lose to a D I-AA team, and our nat'l title hopes were down the drain. It's better to live one day as a Wolverine, than to live as a Buckeye for 100.
  • I actually just fell asleep in my Commons study hall (still in high school) and I had a dream similar to it, except mine was just that App St. was scoring when we scored and ended up winning by a field goal :( God willing, this does not come true!
  • hahah....do you happen to hit the crack pipe in these dreams? Or outside? LoL...ASU is going to look like a high-school team just in terms of SIZE against Michigan. Is anyone ACTUALLY nervous about this game....come on...the D will be better than '05's D and the O will be better than LAST year. Maybe not enough to win a Nat'l TITLE, but certainly enough to beat a Div-1AA opponent...you guys are officially insane.
  • I.........Would...............DIE!
  • I had a dream we were in a close battle with Oregon last night. I hope thats just a nightmare instead of reality.
  • That's really sad when we are down to ASU. Realx until Oregon.
  • Guys Come On!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? I'm going to tell you about a dream that I had the other night and it was me and my buddy were sitting in Arizona waiting to see MICHIGAN will a national Title!!!!!!!! GO BLUE~!
  • i actually had a dream the other night that appalachian state was beating us, and i stopped watching. all i could think was, "all this potential for a national championship year, and it's gone the first effing week..."
  • Hope you were in Arizona watching UM win a title on TV, cuz the nat champ game is in New Orleans. I told my mom last year to reserve a spot for me down there.
  • About a month ago, I posted something very similar : http://www.umgoblue.com/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13914. Is it an omen, or are we just major pessimists?
  • major pessimists....ASU doesn't think they will win this game...why do we think they will?
  • LOL, this is crazy I had a similar dream a few nights ago, not that we lost, but it was a lot closer than it should have been.
  • Guys Come On!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? I'm going to tell you about a dream that I had the other night and it was me and my buddy were sitting in Arizona waiting to see MICHIGAN will a national Title!!!!!!!! GO BLUE~!
  • This thread makes us look like little children. What, are we scared of App State? Give me a break. We're gonna steam-roll these guys...Btw, we are going to be in a battle w/ Oregon the following week...
  • I had a nightmare about the Rose Bowl and it came true. I'm not too worried about App State but the idea of losing this game would probably send myself and most of the UM faithful into a fit of rage this side of 28 Weeks Later.
  • Btw, we are going to be in a battle w/ Oregon the following week...Only if you mean in the way that they call the "Battle of Little Bighorn" a "battle"
  • As stated above, there's no reason to get worked up about this game.We need to set the tone early, take control of the game, and put it out of reach by halftime. Our offense should be able to do that alone.

Speaking of shocking though, and I know this is totally going to ruin the butched up theme, but have you seen Colt Brennan's hair? It was in a Sports Illustrated online story. I like that he did it to show he's all about the team and representing the state especially with all the press he'll get, but.. couldn't he just wear a lei? Or get a tattoo across his back; that's pretty badass. Anything else. Because he is not a good blond. I wish him and his team well though; on the west coast I can see a lot of their games and they are a fun lot to watch

And finally, I hate Ted Roof. How can a team be that unprepared for a season opening game, one in which we had months to prepare and called a Football Summit in order to address some of the issues. How do we average less than a yard a carry?! And get outscored 34-nil in the second half! Are you kidding me?! As much as I hated not winning I was willing to suffer a little because we were getting better recruits and I felt he should be given a full four years, so he could have all of his people in there before we judged, but this is unacceptable. This was our best chance this season and already all my hope has been squashed and while Carolina hires Butch Davis we stick by a coach who's won 5 games, all of them in his first like 12 games, over the last 4 years. It is unacceptable and an embarrassment. There is no other option. Fire Ted Roof Now! God I had such high hopes for that man, and our season. You broke my heart.Fucking A.

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