Monday, September 10, 2007

This Feels So Meta

(and I'm pretty sure I continually misuse that word)
Here's a pretty sweet video that documents the history of of viral videos and the people they made "net famous." It' probably a little sad how many of these I actually recognized ( and remember fondly ::awww::) I still think of the internet as this new fangled invention ( even though i've been wasting time on it since I was 12) and so a retrospective seems weird, but this is really really cool (and in case you don't recognize all the characters: congratulations you have a life and Buzzfeed compiled a handy list of everything mentioned.) This is Internet People from Meth Minute 39 ( though I'm not sure if there were 38 less funny Meth Minutes before this one)

I just wonder if this video gets big enough while it be included or mentioned in Internet People:The Sequel?

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